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Human and Nature

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CEO Greetings

Thank you for visiting the website of Doosung Korea Co., Ltd., the customer-oriented company!

Doosung Korea is specialized in surface materials of furniture and leads the industry
with outstanding techniques and manufacturing capacity since founded in 2009.

In cooperation with SK Chemicals, a representative domestic chemical company,
we became unrivaled in the PET market by using eco-friendly materials and natural designs to
create luxurious living spaces and eco-friendly products.

Furthermore, our competitiveness was achieved by one-stop manufacturing processes from materials to
complete products which were established according to our core competency,
strict quality inspection, and continuous R&D for developing new products.

We will strive to be trusted by our customers through aggressive investment on R&D,
expansion of manufacturing facilities, and development of distinguished products with a goal of achieving the best quality
and strengthened export competitiveness.

Doosung Korea Co., Ltd. will be leading the future through continuous R&D and innovative management without resting on our laurels.

Thank you.